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Facebook Instant Messenger

Facebook instant messenger application is powered by N-VisionIT Interactive.

With Facebook Instant Messenger we can chat with friends and also be involved in a group chat, which means, you can chat with several friends all at the same time, now in facebook. You can also send message to offline contacts.

Facebook instant Messenger is similar to other Facebook apps that you can add to Facebook. Once Facebook instant Messenger is added you'll be able to create a chat room for you and all your friends to chat together.

How to add Facebook Instant Messenger?

Add Facebook Instant Messenger just like you would add any other Facebook app.

Go to the Facebook Instant Messenger app page

Click the "button" to add the application.

Once you're in the Facebook Instant Messenger chat page start adding friends. Click on the tab that says "Invite". Choose the friends you want to chat with and invite them to add the Facebook Messenger app. The person you want to chat with must also have this application.

Facebook Messenger can be accessed later, through a small icon at the bottom of the page.