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Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar

Remain online with your Facebook contacts even after you leave Facebook on Mozilla's Sidebar!!!
If you don't like the chat window on Facebook that pops-up in the bottom of the page? You can navigate other pages and leave the chat window "always" open on your sidebar. You can stay online and continue your chat with Facebook contacts, without having to click back to Facebook's page every time someone replies. Doesn't that sound awesome! Here's how to keep your Facebook Chat on the sidebar:

But hold on, its only possible if you are using Firefox. Click here to download Mozilla Firefox. 

Step 1Look for Bookmarks on the top navigation. Select Organize Bookmarks…

Step 2:  Click on Bookmarks Toolbar...

Step 3 : Right Click anywhere in the window and select New Bookmark... tab and enter the following:
  • Name: Facebook Chat
  • Location: http://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php
  • Check Load this bookmark in sidebar.

Step 4 : Go to Bookmarks Menu, select Bookmarks Toolbar and click on Facebook Chat. 

Step 5 : Now start chatting with your Facebook contacts within Firefox. Here is a Screenshot  of what it should look like:

You can expand the sidebar, if you want more space.
Did it work? Don't you love the way you can chat now?