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How to Play Mafia Wars like a Pro

Mafia Wars is one of those games that requires very careful planning and a keen eye for detail if you're serious about landing the highest level rewards and truly performing well against fellow players.

Many people are searching for cheats for Mafia Wars on Facbook by Zynga but there's no actual cheat for the game. You must Play Smart thats the only way!

Follow the Following Points if you really want to rule the game:

Family Size:
If you're serious about winning, build your family size up as quickly as possible. Add as many friends as you can just to get the number up.

Godfather Points:
Spend just a few minutes each day filling out your lottery numbers. Use fake information for offers and get all the Godfather points you need. Stay clear of any 'free trial' offers because you don't want to get the monthly fees tacked on when you forget to turn them off. You also don't want to be giving out you credit card number.

Complete your jobs as quickly as you can and with the most possible rewards.

Buy properties, starting with the easiest to attain. You'll find that as the properties break down, you need to spend money to keep them up, so don't waste any time buying properties that are not going to give a solid return on their investment.

Fighting your fellow players in Mafia Wars is more or less pointless and wastes your resources.

By playing daily, you up the chances that you will win extra points without actually having to do anything.

If you follow the details outlined above, you'll do much better in Mafia Wars than you ever thought possible. It's a simple matter of being careful with the time you have to spend and analyzing how you invest everything carefully.

But, let's face it. Mafia Wars, for as simple as it seems, is tough to do well in. There are just so many people out there and you have to compete with every single one of them. They rob you, beat you up and take all the good mafia members. So, where do you go to find the path to glory without spending tons of cash?

The answer is simple enough now that I've stumbled upon the Mafia Wars Blueprint. You may not think you need a good guide, but the odds are that you're just as far behind everyone as I was a few weeks ago. The Mafia Wars Blueprint is the real deal. It's going to get you to where you need to be, where you can dominate your enemies, and quickly land atop the heap of millions that play this game. You do that and you'll be pretty much set for as long as you continue to play the game. Check it out.

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