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Make your own Avatar Like on the Movie

Have you seen Avatar? Wanna become a habitant of pandora? Here is your chance to make yourself look like one of them. This widget wont last long online. McDonald's has removed the generator from their official Avatarize Yourself campaign site, and the widget's developer, OddCast, might shut it down completely in the near future.

Here is still one avatar generator available, so you can still upload a picture of yourself and get Avatarized.

You can pick between different Pandora Planet backgrounds, and you can even change your gender.

Feel free to tell your friends to Avatarize themselves by sharing this page on Facebook. Click on blue share button on the top of this post.

Here are the instructions to follow if you want to use your avatar as your Facebook profile:

1.  First succesfully create your avatar following the instruction on the widget.
2.  Click the Share button.
3.  Select the "Download as image" option. Click Ok on the next screen.
4.  Save the image file to your computer.
5.  Now go to your Facebook profile.
6.  Click the upload, pencil button that appears on the top right of your current profile
7.  Choose and upload the picture of the avatar you just saved locally.