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pop.mp3 is this a Facebook Virus?

"pop.mp3" is the sound when you receive a message on facebook chat. Instead of playing the sound like normal browser downloads the file, which will leave your downloads folder plagued by these horrible, annoying files. You will get this file from facebook when someone wants to chat with you.

If you are using chrome it automatically downloads the file into the download folder.

If you are playing mp3's, while chatting in facebook (firefox) then it pops up and keeps on comming up even after you cancel the download.

It pops up at the bottom part of a browser when someone sends you a message but it seams random doesn't happen on every reply.

To reproduce the problem?
1. Chat with someone on facebook
2. Minimize chrome, or go to another tab
3. Wait until a message arrives....

expected result?
'Pop' sound...
pop.mp3 download

How to Fix this Problem?
It's that pop-sound that should be played when someone chats with you on facebook. So try to
go to the bottom right of facebook, where the chat is.
Go to options and Uncheck play sounds for new messages, that should stop the problem.

Hopefully google will fix this soon.