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How to remove latest Firefox update?

Before the last update Firefox was wonderful! toolbars were working fine and then it prompted to install updates today and suddenly now, the toolbars are not compatible. Now we are not able to click a link without it being prevented and having to click allow. Neopets and Facebook games are not working either.It is also showing problem with websites. Facebook is having problem, we get these strange boxes where content is with 4 numbers in each corner. There are many users on all browsers that use Facebook daily Mozilla's latest release has disappointed many users.

We would now obviously prefer to restore the last update. To my knowledge you can't rollback to the previous version without complete removal and re-installation of Mozilla Firefox. Remove Firefox completely from your programs and install one of these previous versions then disable the automatic update, at least until we hear any good news about the beta 4 release.

Firefox constantly updates the version or the Add-ons all by itself. You can enable or disable this feature with these steps.

Click on : Tools - Options - Advanced option - Update tab. This is where you should be :

Un-check the boxes under Automatically check for updates to disable the automatic updates. Check them if you wish for them to be enabled. Alternately you may choose to select the Ask me what I want to do option under the When updates to Firefox are found: section.

Hope this solves your problem, if you have more questions feel free to comment.