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Will facebook shut down 15 march 2011?

Facebook will be closing down on 15 march 2011.

Make sure that before 15 march 2011 you remove all the pictures that you want to save. All your photo,notes,video and etc. will be removed and you will not have access to it again. So according to Facebook Corporation remove all personal information at our Facebook for your own good.

The latest news about Facebook, that it will shut down on 15th March is totally a rumor. It’s not clear how it began but the rumor has been spreading like wildfire over the internet. According to some people who have posted this on their blogs, the reason behind the shut down of Facebook is its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg says that “managing Facebook has busted my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.”

There is a little bit advice for you, if you have also heard the news, please don’t believe it and think twice before you pass the news on to your friends.

Most people won't believe such nonsense that Mr. Mark is going to shut down Facebook, it only needs a little section of public to spread news story that is obviously an internet prank.No matter what started this gossip, it’s secure to think that, a site with more that 500 million daily users and billion of dollars in marketing won’t stop that easily.