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Know if your friends request has been ignored

When you select someone on Facebook you want to add as a friend.There is a options listed on the top of their profile page.

- Add as Friend

If you choose the Add as Friend option this person will become your friend after they confirm your request.  The person can also choose to ignore your request and not add you as a friend.

If you are not quickly added as a friend, how do you know if the person has ignored your request, or has not seen it or is contemplating a response?

After making the Add as Friend option, the option will change to:

Go back to the same profile again and check if it still says awaiting friend confirmation. You have not been ignored if it says the same.

If the person chooses to ignore your request, that option will again revert to
  – a live option you can click on.

This will confirm that you have been ignored.

Making another request after being ignored can get you reported to Facebook, but that is how you know if your friend request has been ignored or not. If you still see Awaiting friend confirmation the friend request is pending. If you have the option of adding the person as a friend you have unfortunately been ignored.