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How to embed videos from Facebook

The largest social networking site on the web has a large collection of videos that are being shared by users all around the globe. What do you do when you want to download particular videos? Well, You can easily download Videos posted on facebook or get a embed code, so that you can post the video in your blog or a website.

Videos you want to download is shared from Youtube, use Youtube Downloader to download the video. The embed code is on the right side of the Video below the video description to share it in a blog or Website.

If the video you want to download, is uploaded in facebook. Follow these steps to download:

If you are still watching the video on your facebook wall, click on the title of the video you want to  download it is bold faced and underlined (a link).You will be directed to the video page. You must be in the video page not the facebook wall. If you already are in the video page skip the first step.

The URL address on your browser should look like :
URL for the video you want to download.

Now you just need to Add "down" before facebook.com on that URL.

Hit Enter or click Go to load the link on your browser:

You can now follow the instructions on the page and download video from Facebook.
This utility is powered by downfacebook.com

You may not always be able to download the video, but you will get the embed code so that you can share that video on your blog or website.

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