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You can now Tag people in Facebook Status and other posts

One of the most popular features on facebook is tagging. Tagging allows you to more actively mention your friends and other things you are connected to on Facebook. Everyone must be familiar with photo tagging. You can also tag people in status updates and other posts, the same way you reference people on photos.

If you want your status to be: I went to a party tonight with "someone". You can now reference that person by tagging his name on the status.

Friends you tag will receive a notification and Wall story that you have tagged them, and also when someone else comments on a post they are tagged in.

You can tag your confirmed friends, pages you are fan of, events you are attending and your groups. When you tag an application that you have used, the link in your post will lead to the application’s Page. Similarly, when you tag a friend the link will lead to the freind's profile.

Only your confirmed friends can tag you in their posts. If you have blocked someone or removed them as a friend, they will not be able to tag you. If you have blocked someone, and then a mutual friend tags you in their post, the person you blocked will not be able to view your profile by clicking on your name.

How to tag friends in facebook status and posts?

when you are writing a status update just include the "@" symbol and start typing name of your friend you want to tag.

As you type the name of what you would like to reference, a drop-down menu will appear that allows you to choose from your list of friends and other connections.

The "@" symbol will not be displayed in the published status update or post after you've added your tags. Instead a direct link to your friends profile will be displayed.

They also will have the option to remove tags of themselves from your posts as in photos.

There is one downside of this option, you can't tag your friends on comment box. Facebook might enable this feature in future.