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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S

These steps will guide you through the process of Rooting your android device and unlocking Samsung Galaxy S.

  • Step1: Dial *#7465625# From your phone's numeric keypad.

Personalization Status
Network Lock [ON] -- This needs to be changed to [OFF] to unlock the phone. 
Network Subset Lock [OFF] 
SP Lock [OFF] 
CP Lock [OFF] 

  •  STEP 2: Make sure the Phone is on USB debugging Mode. On Samsung Galaxy S go to : Setting - Applications - Development - Tap on USB Debugging (Check Mark)

  • STEP 4: Connect Samsung Galaxy S to your PC via USB Cable. Make sure the device is up and running or you might need to install android SDK tools. If the device is running and ready to be used Proceed...

  • STEP 5: Run SuperOneClick V2.1.1 . Click on "ROOT" the process will start as shown in the picture below. When it prompts to install Busybox click on "YES".

Now the android phone is rooted. You will see an app called "Superuser" on your Samsung Galaxy S.

  • STEP 6: Reboot Samsung Galaxy S.

  • STEP 7: Go to Market in your Galaxy S phone and sign up with your Gmail account. Search for "Titanium Backup" and install the free version.

  • STEP 8: Open Titanium Backup which was just installed -- Superuser rights should be granted to this app. Answer yes. Click on the "Problems?" button at the bottom center of your screen. Choose update busybox (or superuser if needed).

  • STEP 9: Download another Market application, "Galaxy S Unlock" the free version will work fine.

  • STEP 10: Launch "Galaxy S Unlock" -- Superuser rights should be granted to this app. Answer yes.

  • STEP 11: Tap "UNLOCK SGS" on the Top bar of the Galaxy S Unlock App. Next tap on the first option "See Sim Unlock Code" accept and agree to all the prompts. Next tap on the second option do the same accept everything. Finally tap on Sim Unlock....the third option.

Samsung Galaxy S will reboot itself..

  • FINAL STEP : From your phone numeric keypad, dial *#7465625#

If you see the following:

Personalization Status
Network Lock [OFF] -- This has been changed to [OFF] so the phone is unlocked.
Network Subset Lock [OFF]
SP Lock [OFF]
CP Lock [OFF]

Samsung Galaxy S is unlocked!!! enjoy. You can now use any Simcard from any carrier worldwide.

If you used this steps and have successfully unlocked Samsung Galaxy S, share your experience.