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Facebook's Smart Lists : Status updates visible only to your Close friends!

This week Facebook brought new feature designed to make it easier to share posts with small groups of people by separating your best friends from your so called friends. Creating custom lists of Facebook friends was available since a long time, but now Facebook will automatically create a few lists based on your profile information. You can edit these lists and create new ones yourself. Facebook calls it a Smart List.

To see if you’ve got the smart lists yet, look on the left side of your Facebook profile page. You should see a section titled Lists:

When you look at a friend’s profile, there’ll be a button at the upper right that pops up a menu to add them to one of two new standardized lists — Close Friends and Acquaintances.

You can also use this feature while you post status updates by selecting close friends, which enable only your close friends to see the status update that you don't want your so-so friends to see.

The core idea behind Facebook’s enhanced lists is that you can share a status update with only a list of friends, rather than with all of your Facebook friends. Avoiding status updates that you don't care about.