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How to hide Friends list on Facebook from others?

Many users have mentioned that they want a way to hide their list of friends. In response to their feedback, Facebook has removed the "View Friends" link from search results, making your Friend List less visible on the site.

In addition, you can further limit the visibility of your Friend List to other people on Facebook if you want. Here are the steps that will guide you through:

1. Click on the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the "Friends" box on your profile.
2. You will have three options to adjust under Friends and Family: Relationship status, Family and Friends. Click on the drop down menu to the right of Friends option.

3. Select "Only Me" This will prevent your Friend List from appearing in your profile.

Remember, you can also limit who can find you in searches on Facebook and control whether your information can be indexed by public search engines under "Search" on the Privacy Settings page.