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View private Facebook profile

Why would you want to view someone's private Facebook profile? I'm not going to argue the "ethics" of this... I'm going to answer the question straight, and let everyone else argue whether it's right or wrong. I am not even going to refer to some hacks and cracks that doesn't work instead lets use some psychological principles.

OPTION 1 (Limited access to Private Facebook Profile)
Whenever you click on a person’s name there will be three options available: Add as Friend, Send a Message, and View Friends.

  1. Click on Send a Message to message to the person whose profile you are interested in..
  2. Send them a message saying “Hey, this is .... and I met you ...(somewhere the person might visit often, like college classes)...”
  3. They might send you back a message either positive or negative.
  4. No matter what they say you will now have access to their limited profile as soon as the message is sent without adding them as a friend.

OPTION 2 (Full access to Private Facebook Profile)
This alternative takes longer but this will get you into somebody’s full Facebook profile. The concept is basically to set up a profile in which the person thinks you are actually someone that they already know.

  1. View your victims friends list. Find one of their friends that does not have a Facebook default profile picture. This will most likely be a person that does not use Facebook very often.
  2. Create a new Facebook account with the exact same name or something similar that will confuse the user as the profile that does not have a default profile picture.
  3. Once you have created that new account, go and add about 20 of his/her friends. Since they will most likely be mutual friends with both of you, they will most likely add you.
  4. Now that you have an account of his/her known friend and about 20 mutual friends. Send a friend request or a message and tell him or her that this is your new facebook account. There will be no reason for him/her to not believe you and he/she will add you.
  5. Now, you have complete access to their profile on Facebook.