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Send E-card through Facebook on this Valentine

Send animated Valentine E-cards with music to make your valentine day Special!

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." When you start to hear cheesy poetry like this, and when your local drug store is bursting with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, draped in pinks and reds, you know Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. So what do you do to make this Valentine's Day extra special for those you love?

You can start by sending Valentine's Day cards to everyone on your list: family, friends, kids, co-workers, and of course, significant others. You can choose variety of cards to send it through Facebook.

Choose an ecard and click the "personalize and send" button on the preview screen.

Next, click on the tab "send to Facebook" above "personalize your ecard".

You will now have the option to Post the ecard to your friend's wall or to your own wall.

If you are not currently logged into Facebook a window will appear asking you to log into your Facebook account or "Connect to Facebook". Please log in to your Facebook account using your Facebook username and password.

If you are already logged into Facebook, you will be presented with your friends list to send the ecard to their wall or click the link "post this on your own wall". When you choose to send the ecard to your own wall you will be given the choice to send it in a private message as well via a link in the bottom left corner that says "send as a message instead".

You can also send talking ecards if you sign up as a Premium Member.