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Hide/Remove Offline Contacts on Facebook CHAT!!

The new vertical chat bar of Facebook lists both your online friends and offline friends all in one list, with no option to hide your offline buddies. I’m certain Facebook will do something about this in the future but for now we can hide offline contacts by using Chrome and Firefox extension, which removes offline friends from the list.

For Users: Click here to Install the extension.
1. Click Install

2. Click Continue on Chrome Task bar Notification.

3. When prompted Click Install. Shortly you will be notified that the Extension has been Installed

After the Extension as been installed, go to Facebook, on the Chat Settings - Select hide Offline Friends

Thats it!!!

To remove the extension from Chrome go to Settings (Wrench in upper right corner) - Tools - Extensions
- Remove

For Users: First You must Install Greasemonkey

Click here to Install the extension. and follow the same steps as for Chrome Users